Thursday, 30 September 2010

A love of food

Many of my fondest memories are food related, and it is one of my favorite ways of socialising.
The act of sitting together around a table, enjoying good food together, is unifying and generally opens up for good conversations.
In the beginning of the millenium, my boyfriend and I had a long distance relationship for years, as we were studying in different cities. He lived in the South West, in Falmouth, and my university was in the seaside town of Brighton, just outside of London.

The train journey was quite long, from 10-12 hours of travelling. And after spending money on the expensive train fare, the meagre student budget was almost eaten up.
However, pretty broke, going out to restaurants and enjoying fine dinners together, was what we always did for our once a month week-end stay together.  We would sit in the restaurant for hours on end, indulging. Once the waiter had to fetch an extra table for all the food we had ordered. (4 mains and a few sides...)
This left us surviving on cheap food until our next time. But so worth it!

The print is a letterpress print I did in my first year at university.