Monday, 14 December 2009

Christmas Market

I just had to share this with you- The Julemarked on Lyngør, our sister island. Craftsmen and designers, farmers and cookie-makers had gathered to sell their products. Take a look at the entrance to the market; so, so beautiful as it got darker. By then we were resting our feet, drinking beer and hot chocolate in the pub, Pers Brygge.

Our bags were stuffed with goodies, and we were also happy to bring back fresh, free range and local eggs! (As local as they get: Made on Sandøya!) With such a luxury we cannot quite decide on how to use them...

homemade christmas presents

I cannot believe X-mas is only the wink of an eye away... In preparation for the festive day to come, although for me, and many others I believe, this whole wonderful month of December is what truly is special - The anticipation, the baking, the decorating, the finding presents and the making of presents!
For some of my friends I've made some earrings. Made from vintage buttons and others from hand painted mother of pearl buttons, I must say I find them so beautiful and they also justify my obsession with buttons!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Good news!

Yesterday the council agreed to postpone the decision on closing down the schools! -Until next elections.., so for now we can relax. What a relief!!
For those of you who live in Norway; We're in this weeks edition of the woman's magazine KK, featured in a double page spread titled 'Freedom on a small island'. Two wonderful women, the journalist Anne-Line Henriksen and the photographer Lisbeth Michelsen, came to visit. I feel happy about it, because it portrays me and the Guest House in a very genuine way. 
The photographer of the above photo is Lisbeth Michelsen, and this photo was part of another article we were part of earlier in the year. Not sure what happened, but after 4 years of running Maries Gjestehus we've had a lot of national publicity. One magazine after another came to visit us on the island in 2009.   

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Guardian angels mobile

In the past two months we've had no less than three newcomers to our island, well new world citizens! Two beautiful baby boys and one girl were born within the space of two weeks.
As a gift, I made made a mobile with guardian angels, to wish the little ones much, much love and happiness.

Save our school!

Meeting a rabbit and laughing children in the middle of the island road, during our morning walk, both Malou and I appreciated.

Sandøya is a car free island, and this is the way to the island school, inviting to new adventures every day.
Growing up on Sandøya where we have a kindergarten and a primary school (1st to 4th grade) definitively provides the children with a safe, not to mention fantastic learning environment. I didn't grow up here myself, but all islanders I have met, truly are a testimony to that growing up here is a special experience. Both the kindergarten and the school are essential to that, because they also function as the 'glue' in this small community.
As it goes the council is now in the midst of a decision making process of closing down all the local schools. Shut down schools, and build one big one instead is where it is heading. Save money, short term that is.
When most of the population is dotted around in small communities on the outskirts of the town of Tvedestrand, it hardly makes any sense.  Also when you take into consideration this may be one of the reasons why young families move here; the proximity of everything, local schools included.
So today is the day of letting our voices be heard in the form of a demonstration. This evening we'll gather in Tvedestrand and march to show the politicians what we think.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Italian bread recipe

Here is my brand new blog. How exciting! 
So, why not start with my, and everybody else who has tasted it, truly all time favourite italian bread recipe. I promise you it is one of best breads of its kind you will ever taste, and the easiest to make.., and it requires no kneading! That's why I love giving it away, simply because I know it'll be a success.

Above is a photograph from our summer Sunshine Café at my guest house where we served the bread with a yummy lentil soup. The photograph on my blog title shows the fabulous, easy bread, and here's the recipe:

Italian bread 

1 kg white spelt flour
1/4 cube fresh yeast OR 3/4 sachet dried yeast
1,5 ts of Maldon salt
2 large handfulls of sesame seeds. Perhaps some linseeds and sunflower seeds if you fancy?
8 dl water, 35C
Good olive oil 
You can add all sorts of ingredients to the dough- Rosemary, cheese, tomatoes, oregano, sunflower seeds, garlic, or perhaps mix all of them and you have a PIZZABREAD. 
Day 1: Mix the dry ingredients and pour in the tepid water. With a wooden spoon mix until you have a dough with a nice and soupy consistency. Put in the fridge overnight. Or at least for 3 hrs.
Day 2: Put the oven to 225C. Pour a generous amount of olive oil on a baking tray.  Sprinkle Maldon salt on the oil. Put the dough on it. It will be quite runny. With a couple of wooden spoons, fold the dough into a ball. Drizzle olive oil on top and sprinkle with lovely Maldon salt.
Bake at the lowest level in the oven for about 55 mins. Enjoy!

The guests at the guest house love when I serve the bread with Baba Ganoush, sprinkled with pomegranate seeds and with homous. Grilled aubergine spread and chickpea dip for those who wonder what's in the names.

Friday, 9 October 2009

from sandoya with love

From Sandöya with love. Hear tales from island life, from our eco based guest house; Maries Gjestehus amongst other things