Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Save our school!

Meeting a rabbit and laughing children in the middle of the island road, during our morning walk, both Malou and I appreciated.

Sandøya is a car free island, and this is the way to the island school, inviting to new adventures every day.
Growing up on Sandøya where we have a kindergarten and a primary school (1st to 4th grade) definitively provides the children with a safe, not to mention fantastic learning environment. I didn't grow up here myself, but all islanders I have met, truly are a testimony to that growing up here is a special experience. Both the kindergarten and the school are essential to that, because they also function as the 'glue' in this small community.
As it goes the council is now in the midst of a decision making process of closing down all the local schools. Shut down schools, and build one big one instead is where it is heading. Save money, short term that is.
When most of the population is dotted around in small communities on the outskirts of the town of Tvedestrand, it hardly makes any sense.  Also when you take into consideration this may be one of the reasons why young families move here; the proximity of everything, local schools included.
So today is the day of letting our voices be heard in the form of a demonstration. This evening we'll gather in Tvedestrand and march to show the politicians what we think.

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